Flexibag / ISO Handling

Due to the unique combination of location, hardware and experience Pantank is highly specialised in the handling of flexibag and ISO containers.

With efficient heating and automated residue removal systems, Pantank can guarantee efficient operations with no residues, delays or risk of demurrage and detention on a large scale.

Full container service

  • Capacity of 600+ flexi/iso per month
  • 44 heating points
  • Flexibag residue less than 50kg
  • 100% recycling of flexibag waste
  • Container discharging from barge and truck possible
  • On-site container handling with reach stacker

Pantank can provide full transport service so our clients can focus on their core business:

  • Organising transport from container terminal to Pantank quay via barge or truck
  • Organising transport of empty iso/flexi back to depot